M.D. Message

“Uttarakhand State Co-operative Federation Ltd. UCF was registered on 15th July 2002 after bifurcation from U.P. Co-operative Federation Ltd, (PCF) Lucknow as a result of formation of Uttarakhand State on 9 November 2000. It operates from the state capital Dehradun. Distribution of Chemical Fertilizer, Biofertilizer, certified seeds & pesticides to farmers through PACS, Purchase of wheat & Paddy through PACS, Supply of Ayurvedic medicines in the government hospitals all over India and to get the farmers the right price for their produce. Apart from this the association does various functions. Also providing safe and good quality products at competitive price to the consumers.

Our prime objectives are to make available robust support base for the farming community across the State by providing fertilizers and other inputs at affordable rates through co-operatives and to effect the market interventions for price stabilization of agricultural produces. Our procurement and marketing strategies bring about great relief to the farmers in the current state of agrarian crises.

Keeping up with its core values ​​and keeping in mind the challenges ahead, UCF has recently formulated its plans to expand business operations. This includes aggressive intervention through procurement of agricultural products and branding and marketing of Uttarakhand's own products with emphasis on value-added wheat, rice finger millet, barnyard millet, pulses and other organic products of Uttarakhand."

Ramindri Mundrawal
( Managing Director )