RAJMA: Pahari Himalyan Rajma Dal

RAJMA: Pahari Himalyan Rajma Dal

Pahari Rajma Dal from mountains of Uttarakhand - A Special Natural Organically produced Product & Flavor. Sourced directly from farmers in himalyan utarakhand. Rajma comes in two varieties - one regular red and the a lighter colored Munsyari Rajma - both are of equal quality. We will ship either as per availability - you are however most welcome to write to us and book one or the other at the same price.

This pack contains all the four premium Himalayan Rajma (Kidney beans), all are equally nutritious, having high immunity-boosting capabilities, and extremely rich in taste. All are natural and organic produce from the higher Himalayas in the Ganga, Yamuna, and also Kumaon belts of Uttarakhand, this pack is crafted for the real Rajma (Kidney bean) lovers.
Chakrata Rajma / Red Kidney Beans – Chakrata
Harsil Rajma / Kidney Beans – Harsil
Joshimath Rajma / Red Kidney Beans – Harsil
Munsiyari Rajma / Red Kidney Beans – Munsiyari

Mix Rajma

White Small Rajma

Chakrata Rajma

Chitra Rajma

Harshil Rajma